What does it really take to find that next gear?


meet beau billington

Asking the tough questions

Are some people destined for success, while others are not? Or are those that are able to find success simply able to get to that “next gear” while others seem to flounder or never get where they are trying to go?

The premise of Beau’s popular blogs and podcasts is centered around listening and engaging with successful people to learn how THEY found that next gear which took their businesses from ‘good to great’.

Beau’s Entrepreneurial Journey

“I always wondered what others were doing differently from me. I had the same attributes as those I considered really ‘successful’, so what what was I missing?  Why was I struggling to find “that next gear”?


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A bit about Beau Billington

I started the podcast, “Finding That Next Gear” because I have always been obsessed with entrepreneurship. To me, it never mattered if you had a carwash, a hot dog stand, a financial services company, or a software company.

Talking business has always been enjoyable and something I could truly “nerd out” on. It wasn’t until I turned 36 that I found the courage to go at it alone and started my own company, The Free Agent (www.thefreeagent.com).

Ever since then I have been on a quest to uncover the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t.

Is it smarts, funding, sheer determination, perseverance, luck, or some other unique trait? Whatever the characteristic, my goal is to get to the bottom of what set’s the doers apart from the talkers.